Ideally, TSP Botswana would prefer to visit you for a full site survey and a 'no obligation' quotation for consideration before ordering.

However, if you wish to obtain a budgetary quotation for a particular combination of units, we require the following information:

Type of door or window existing ie French door, sliding door, hinged, eyebrow window, fixed windows, hexagonal windows etc. Width of opening (W) and Height of opening (H).

Orders will only be confirmed following a site survey, to ensure all aspects of the installation are considered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you a factory or trading company?

A: We are a trading. 

Q: What is the material quality of the net ?

A: Most use glass fiber PVC coating net, also has the part of products use polyester net as well as the wire net.

Q: What is the material of the main frame of your product, and if suitable for the different kind of window frame and door frame?

A: The material of main frame is aluminum alloy and the net is fiberglass mesh with plastic accessories. Our products are suitable for the window frame or door frame of various materials.

Q: What is your color available?

A: Color available from white, brown or grey.

Q: When will be the proper time to install the retractable insect screen during house decoration?

A: In general, either stage will be ok. But do it before fitment starting is better. 

Q: How can I get some samples?

A: We are honored to offer you samples. 

Why choose our shop?

1. Offer competitive and reasonable price.

2. Professional technical and design team by qualified staff.

3. Delivery without delay.

4. Good after-sale service.